Digital Social Innovation in France

In our research with Cedric Gossart, we identified 10 major problem areas which digital social innovations address. Click on the link to find some of these innovations in France.

For more on digital social innovation (l’innovation numérique pour l’economie sociale  et solitaire -INESS) visit our blog dedicated to dsi.

Inclusion of vulnerable actors: What is social inclusion? Here is a link to Hilary Silver’s article on social inclusion which summarises it very well…
Urban problems: These innovations are related with increasing the quality of life in cities.
Lack of transparency (through knowledge diffusion): Information diffusion on issues that increase awareness and help citizens access knowledge and information.
Problems related with democratic governance
Educational problems (including  awareness raising)
Lack of resources (money, social capital, skills): under construction
Direct empowerment of civil society: under construction
Socialisation: under construction
Unsustainable consumption: under construction
Unsustainable production (& distribution): under construction