Digital platforms for social inclusion in France

Accorderie:     Platform to exchange and share resources between people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods

APPELLES:     Mobile application to help women in danger

ASLOD :  Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs in developing world

Babyloan:       Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs in developing world

BNFA:  Online library for people with hearing and seeing problems

CALM BY SINGA:        Helping the refugies by connecting them with hosts.

Cineapps:       Application and apparat for cinemas to help people with reduced abilities to watch films

Entourage:     Helping the homeless

Expertes:        A platform to match media and women experts

Humaid:         Support for handicapped people

IdeasBox:       Digital tools for the children in developing countries

IWheelShare: An application to support people with wheelchair in cities

Jaccede:          An application to support people with wheelchair in cities

KOOMBOOK: A portable digital library which is accessible even without wifi connection

La compagnie des Aidants:  Platform where people who volunteer to help are matched with people in need, especially aged ones but also those hospitalised etc.

Mon Cartable Connecte:       A connected computer for hospitalised children to communicate with their class

NQT:   Connects young jobseekers of disadvantaged backgrounds with employers

OLPC:  Project one laptop per child

ROGERVOICE:            Telephone calls are translated for people with hearing disabilities

Seintinelles:   Platform that connects patients with researchers

Smart Pantoufles:     Connected slippers for old people

Sourdline:      Facilitate communication for people with hearing disabilities

Voisin-Age:     Matching aged people with volunteers in a neighbourhood

Wellfundr:     Crowdfunding for health related projects

Wizbii:            Platform for developing entrepreneurial capabilities of young

XETIC:            Crowdfunding for solidarity projects