Urban problems and Smart cities DSIs in France

Entourage:     Helping the homeless in a neighbourhood

IWheelShare: An application to support people with wheelchair in cities

Jaccede:          An application to support people with wheelchair in cities

Citylity:           Urban aplication, which has various functions about connecting people, organisations, etc

Data City Paris:          Open data for smart city

Diffuz: A platform that matches people who want to carry out benevolent work, in a place and tiime, and type, with associations that need work)

Discosoupe:    Organizes events to reduce food waste

Eaupen:          Application to collect and diffuse information on water sources (where people can drink water)

Fluicity:           Participatory platform for citizens in cities

IlikeCinema:   Platform to customize cinemas

Karos: Car sharing for short and routine destinations in city

Kawaa:           This platform aims to form focis around certain subjects where people form events or they can also find and join events in real lfe.

Maresidence: Social networks in neighbourhoods

Netatmo WS:  Diffuses information on data related with environmental conditions like pollution

Open street map:      Participatory map of streets

Plumelabs:    Air quality tracker

Ruecup:          Reuse of items left on streets

ShareVoisins: Neigbourhood sharing platform

Smiile: Neigbourhood sharing platform

Terradona:     Platform for waste management

Totem mobi:  Sharing electric vehicles

Trajetalacarte:           Sharing platform for short route transportation